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TaskBid Overview


Me - TaskBid!

TaskBid was created out of necessity for another company I am running.

The software is so sophisticated, I just had to sell it.


You - The Customer!

This is you.

You have a task list, and need help.

If you like spreadsheets, you are going to love TaskBid.


Team Creation

To start, I will need the following:

  1. Your team name
  2. Your administrator’s email address

Next, TaskBid will create a few spreadsheets for your team.

Then, the spreadsheets will be shared with your administrator (probably you).


The Administrator

Your team will have exactly 1 admin.

The admin accepts bids from contractors.

Your team can have as many contractors as you need.

Team Member Sheet


Initial Team Members

Initially, your Team Member sheet will have 1 Team Member - the admin.

Gray columns are automatically updated by the system.

Add Contractors

Add Contractors

Both dark red columns need to be filled to add a contractor.

The system automatically detects new rows and deleted rows.

A new row creates and shares a new Task Worksheet with the contractor.

Deleting a row deletes the contractor's Task Worksheet.

Set Supervisors

Set Supervisors

The dark blue "Direct Supervisor" column defines the team hierarchy.

Higher level supervisors can edit more tasks than lower level contractors.


Completed Team Members

Black columns are informational only, and can be deleted.

New columns may also be added.

System Overview

System Overview

Each Team Member, whether administrator or contractor, has one Task Worksheet.

Each Team Member should only modify their own Task Worksheet – this is to identify who changes what.

The activity log shows the history of who has changed what.

The master records are used by the system to identify new changes.

Task Worksheet

Task Worksheet

There are two main areas of a Task Worksheet: The Status Log, and the Task Area.

The status log lets the user know when the system is running.

The Task Area is the main work area, and can be modified like any other spreadsheet.


TaskBid has 2 stages of synchronization:

  1. Local Sync
  2. Global Sync

The system is very similar to a version control system, such as Git or SVN

Local Sync

Local Sync 1
Local Sync 2
Local Sync Sheet

Local Sync shows the editing Team Member the status of their local changes.

Changes are not submitted.

In a version control system, a Local Sync would be like checking the status of pending changes in your local copy against the master repo.

Global Sync

Global Sync 1
Global Sync 2
Global Sync Sheet

Global Sync is the conductor of your team's symphony of tasks.

Global Sync gets every Team Members' changes, merges them, and pushes all changes to everyone's Task Worksheet.

In a version control system, a Global Sync would be like every single Team Member checking in their local changes, auto-merging the changes, and pushing the changes to everyone’s local copy.

Activity Log

Activity Log Sheet

The Activity Log shows all data for every task insert, update, and delete that is processed by Global Sync.

The rows are color banded for when more than 1 column of the same task is affected.



Email me, and let's get started!


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