TaskBid Privacy Policy


Your privacy and security are very important to TaskBid.

Your data in TaskBid is protected by the full security of Google authentication and encryption.

All access token data is encrypted, and highly secure from third party access.

TaskBid will NEVER share your personal information with any third party.

Google’s privacy policy can be viewed here: https://policies.google.com/privacy

Required Sopes

The following scopes are needed:

The main part of TaskBid is a Google API project.

The user will call this API using a token stored in the spreadsheet metadata, and encrypted with a key stored in the user's properties.

For this reason, the script.external_request scope is needed.

The API needs to identify the user to grant access to changing certain cells, so the email/profile/openid scopes are needed.

The API needs to create, update, and delete Google Sheets and App Script project files dynamically for new team members, hence the drive and spreadsheets scopes are needed.

The API also sends email as the user, to initiate communication with other team members in special cases like access requests, and accepting contracts.

For this reason, the script.send_mail scope is needed.